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Forex in Singapore

Forex in Singapore is legal and is the largest financial trading centre in Asia and the third most important economic hub in the world. The central bank of Singapore controls the market in the former English colony. 

The country's leaders in the early 20th century staked on the development of their people, as the island has no other resources. Singaporeans are now one of the most educated nations in the world, and the Government has carefully conserved political stability. So Forex is thriving here, as are other financial industries.

Forex in Singapore1


Is Forex trading legal in Singapore

MAS is the only forex market regulator in the country. In 2019, the central bank accepted 196 licensing applications for capital markets intermediaries. This concept includes forex brokers, among others. According to the Securities and Futures Act 2006, all online forex brokers are divided into two categories:

  • Approved exchanges - deemed vital to the market system

  • Recognized market operators - everyone else

As of 2020, the first category list includes only four operators: 

  • Asia Pacific Exchange

  • ICE Futures Singapore

  • Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading

  • Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited

The list of "all others", that is, RMO operators, includes 51 organizations. Before choosing a Singapore Forex broker, it is advisable to check if it has a license from the state. A brand licensed in the country, naturally, offers a more secure environment for trading.

Is Forex trading taxable in Singapore

According to the Singapore government regulation, the so-called Capital Gains are exempt from taxation. It includes foreign exchange on capital transactions. 

Besides, a forex broker licensed in Singapore is usually located at its overseas headquarters. Thus, it falls under another tax exemption argument. Since 1 December 2004, foreign-sourced income received in Singapore by resident individuals is exempt from tax.

How do I open a forex account in Singapore

Before you start trading fx forex, you should choose what you want to trade. An individual trader has two ways: trade in currency pairs or CFDs. 

  1. In the first case, the traditional currency exchange is meant, where the trader buys one currency in exchange for giving up another. 

  2. In the second case, it means a contract, which determines the sale/buy of currency at a certain time at a certain price. 

When deciding what to trade, it is worth getting as much information as possible. In any case, education is essential, and especially - in forex trading. Perhaps you would be better suited to trading equities? Find out all about it.

Forex in Singapore2


If you decide to trade Forex online, you should choose a reliable broker licensed by MAS. 

Some of them provide direct access to the interbank forex market - these are DMA brokers, direct market access. STP and non-dealing desk brokers fall into the same category. 

Others are called market makers, dealing desk brokers. They create a market for retail clients by buying long and short positions from banks for large amounts and reselling them in parts to individual traders.

Having chosen a forex sg broker, you need to create an account on its website or application. Always choose a demo account to test your broker first. Only then you can evaluate other offered accounts and trade for real money.